This page includes an AJAX driven form. In other words: clicking the "AJAX" button will pass 'your name' to the server, and the server will return a "hello" message. "AJAX" basically means that this page will not be reloaded in this process. This can speed up some processes. The JavaScript needed for this page, is located in the text-only-constant AJAX_JS. The page that will return the welcome message, is the file modules/ajax.asp. This is a very simple script. But you can write a much more advanced script that connects to a database, or anything you can imagine.


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Kerk aan Nic. Grijpstraat te GrijpskerkOp zondag 12 juli beginnen we om 09:30 in de kerk aan de Nic. Grijpstraat te Grijpskerk., waar ds. J. Kroon hoopt voor te gaan. Thema: zomerdienst

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Noaberschap: uw ogen en oren zijn nodig! Laat via ons meldpunt weten wie extra aandacht en zorg nodig heeft.